Aura Quartz Look book , Summer 2013.

aura quartz lookbook


Upgrading my humble abode…


my second home

So in need of a new abode soon… Not enough space for all my bling and tings. Once we’re back from Brazil.. I’ll discuss the matter with my Real Estate agent.


Mars da Favela rocked the Sydney Road street Party in Brunswick, Melbourne last week. As glorious sunshine and music prevailed a shiny ,happy and luminous sea of people passed and blessed us with thier presence. We met every Brazilian in Brunswick. Everyone else from near and far flocked toward the brazilian inspired stall. Dazzled by Maka’s Brazilian afro, the Carmen Miranda fruit basket atop my head and the awesome spread of unique jewelry we had on offer.

market 4

                    Maka taking a moment from manning the stall to take a snap.

Market 3

                                Shiny happy people, rocking the Octo-medallian.

Market 5

         The beautiful artist/producer ‘Siren’ rocking the ultimate in stage bling.

market 6

Market 2

We nearly sold out of the silver, micro, citrine, quartz and bambam crystal jewelry, so we took orders from customers who requested some custom pieces that we are working on as we speak.

These pieces are like that jewelry or shirt that we never take off ,that pretty much becomes a part of us.  ‘Crystals not Pistols’  suit just about any style, dressed up or down for everyday wear  AND THEY ARE UNISEX! , Which makes them a really special gift.

cnp promo

Market bomb

 Rock your ‘Crystals not Pistols’ necklaces with pride all ya’ll who have one.  Hand made Bling to bring you peace baby. Neutralizing the negativity of weapons and turning into a powerful statement of strength through  a nonviolent fashion statement. Perfect for the retired gangsta who’ve found their inner hippy (like me). But seriously the recycled bullet necklaces are moving fast!  I think we’re sparking a movement here.

                                                                  ♥ Mars

Crystals not Pistols

Simple and Unisex statement necklaces are currently hitting the streets. The style tribe is advising you that this is not a trend.  These pieces transcend time and trends, they can and will be worn in seasons, years and times to come.  Hand made using Recycled Brass bullet cases smashed together with hand selected Brazilian and Madagascan crystals are what composes the latest ‘Crystals not Pistols’ necklaces created by  Mars da Favela Mars da Favela.   …

The pen is mightier than the sword as the Crystal is mightier than the pistole

The pen is mightier than the sword as the Crystal is mightier than the pistol



These are custom made 'Crystals not Pistols'

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Mars da Favela is born

Mc Marsepan and Maka da Favela

Mr and Mrs Favela

Mc Marsepan was what i was known as. Kickin on the curb dealin’  multilingual raps was my trade.  Busting live electro hiphop shows with my crew Toasters Boutique and collaborating with various Electro/House/Baile Funk producers was my bag. Then one day I decided to pack it all up and head to Brazil to work with the biggest name in Baile Funk in the world DJ Marlboro. Living legend yes he is, did we hit it off ? Yes we did. Was it for long? No it was not. To cut a long story short, After about a month of debauched VIP action in Rio de Janeiro with this guy and his crazed entourage, the debauched fantasy parties, pool parties at the mansion equipped with horse, tropical parrots, groupies and helicopters were starting to do my head in. I needed a break from all this craziness  (that I cannot mention on this family friendly blog) . So i tore myself away from the rockstar lifestyle and settled down with a coconut  to see what Rio was really about and T’was then i discovered the real brazil. Real People. Samba, Smiles and … The Favela. Where i fell in love with Baile Funk parties run by the local Ak-47 Wielding gangstas.  Rocinha, The largest favela in Sth America was where all the real people were at, No helicopters, No Fakery, Just big butts and banging beats.  Honest people, working hard and partying even harder.  And here is the part in the story when i fall in love with a big sweet freaking amazing man from the Favela.  Long story short , not long after that we married  and are living between the two worlds of Brazil and Australia. My inspiration for Jewelry enveloped my desire for the stage and that ladies and gentlemen is where this story begins.  .  .Enter  “Mars da Favela’


Auqu Aura and Tanzan Aura ‘Crystals not Pistols’


Natural oils in your skin and the air can cause damage and increase tarnishing to your jewelry over time.  To restore shine, life, and luster and to remove any tarnish, you can gently polish any metal components time to time with a soft, non-abrasive jewellery or silver polishing cloth.

Please avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, moisturiser and sunscreen, as they can damage your precious jewels.  Place your jewellery on after applying any of the above; this helps to reduce exposure + contact.

And please avoid all contact with water.

Be very delicate when handling chains, and it is recommended that necklaces are hung (somewhere free from moisture) when not in use to avoid tangling chains  . Crystals are also delicate and can break and chip if knocked about or dropped, so please be gentle with your new piece. Please ensure each piece is stored separately, to prevent any scratching or tangling with other jewels.

Your precious handcrafted jewelry was made to transcend time and trends, and if handled with love and care it should last through the fashion marathon of life.

Custom unisex 'Crystals not Pistols'.